Finally in Vienna: That's why I love the Unicorn Lift

Unicorn Lift - Vienna had to wait a long time for the international beauty trend. I am therefore delighted to be able to offer my patients this treatment as one of the first Viennese doctors.

When I first heard about the Unicorn Lift, I was excited. The skin rejuvenates itself - without any additives like Botox or hylauronic acid. Instead, you use a completely natural active ingredient: your own blood. The result looks particularly natural. It's like turning back the biological clock of your skin a bit.

Why is it called Unicorn Lift?

That's what I asked myself at the beginning! So I researched: the name comes from the phrase Unicorn Glow - rays like a unicorn. And it is true that my patients actually glow after the Unicorn Lift. The skin simply looks fresher - as if you had just come back from a relaxed holiday.

What is the Unicorn Lift?

Unicorn Lift is a new anti-aging treatment. First I draw blood from the patient. It is then processed for 6 hours using the revolutionary Exokine procedure. At the next appointment, I inject the serum obtained with a mesopistol drop by drop under the skin to be treated.

What makes Unicorn Lift so special?

By the unique preparation of the own blood the body creates quasi its own anti-aging active substance. There is no need for artificial additives such as hyaluronic acid. The result therefore looks particularly natural - individual character traits of the skin are retained. At the same time, the skin looks significantly younger and fresher. The aging process is slowed down.

Who is the Unicorn Lift suitable for?

Regardless of gender or age - in principle this treatment is suitable for everyone. However, I would particularly recommend unicorn lifting to a group of patients: Women in the menopause

The menopause has an enormous effect on the skin. The decrease in estrogen production makes the skin drier and less elastic. Collagen production decreases drastically. With unicorn lifting we can slow down this aging process. The skin does not look artificially tightened, individual characteristics remain. This natural result is important to me.

Which parts of the body are treated with Unicorn Lift?

Usually the face and neck are treated. But there are even more possibilities:

  • Forehead
  • Around the eyes
  • Cheeks
  • Chin
  • Throat
  • Décolleté
  • Hands

How does the Unicorn Lift work?

Three steps are necessary for Unicorn Lift:

1. First Interview & Blood Collection
At the first appointment I first discuss the treatment with you. Then I will draw blood from you. From this we prepare the serum.

2. Treatment
The treatment will take place at the next appointment. Before the start we apply an anaesthetic cream. Then I inject the serum directly into the skin with the Meso pistol (very thin needles). Finally we apply a cooling mask.

3. Repetition
3 to 4 treatments are necessary for an optimal result - every 7 to 10 days. Afterwards the treatment should be refreshed every 4 months.

How does the blood preparation work?

We incubate the blood for 6 hours at body temperature. Thus it builds up growth-promoting and anti-inflammatory active substances in high concentration. The blood then goes into a centrifuge so that the blood cells separate from the active substances. In this way we receive your individual anti-aging serum, which pushes the cell generation and improves the collagen content of the skin.

Are pain to be expected with unicorn lift?

We apply an anaesthetic cream before the treatment. When injecting the serum with the Meso pistol, very thin needles penetrate the skin. Small stitches can be felt.

How do I look immediately after the treatment?

Red patches are visible immediately after the treatment, but can be well covered. So you could immediately return to everyday life. Already after 2 to 3 days the skin appears relaxed and smoothed.

When are the results visible?

The maximum effect is achieved after 10 to 14 days. My patients are then often asked whether they have been on holiday - simply because their skin looks noticeably fresher.

How much does Unicorn Lift cost?

Prices start at 550 Euro per treatment. Depending on the area of application, different costs can be expected. I will be happy to advise you on this during our first appointment.

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