PDO thread Lifting

PDO threads stimulate the body's own collagen production, so that the skin is visibly smoother and tightens over the threads.

How does the treatment feel?

After applying a numbing cream, the fine needles are barely felt. Placing the threads under the skin is painless.

What are the expected results?

Beginning immediately after the treatment, it is possible to see a significant improvement and an increase of skin tension; in the following 2-3 weeks the result improves again significantly. This is due to the production of collagen during this period.

How many treatments do I need to undergo?

PDO threads degrade in the body within a few months. Due to their special composition, there are no serious degradation products. The treatment lasts for about 2 years and is repeated depending on the desired result.

What are PDO threads?

In principle, PDO threads have two mutually supportive effects:
1. The threads increase the tension of the skin if they are pulled in a certain direction (you always need several threads per treatment point)
2. The threads stimulate the formation of new collagen, so that wrinkles are filled from the inside.

What results can be expected?

Some examples of suitable applications are in the face, above all in relation to horizontal and vertical forehead wrinkles, saggy tissue on the cheeks and under the eyes, "puppet wrinkles" (drooping corners of the mouth) as well as an effective tissue tightening on the neck and chest. PDO threads can also be used for tissue tightening on the body with high levels of success. Stretch marks become almost invisible with a single thread. The treatment may cause bruises that last for about a week, but which can be covered with makeup.

Silhouette thread lifting, Happy lift

Long thicker filaments of poly-lactic acid. They tighten the outline and dissolve after some time, leaving fresh collagen fibres behind.

How does the treatment feel?

This technique enables you to achieve a lifting effect with immediately visible and sustainable results. Threads are inserted via previously numbed small puncture points. Placing the thread is free of pain. It is rare to get bruises or swelling.

How does the treatment work?

Only local anaesthesia is necessary for the use of the threads. Threads are introduced under sterile conditions through the skin into the subcutaneous tissue. The puncture points heal after a few days. In the first few days, patients should avoid mechanical stress on their face so that the shaping is not affected. This involves sleeping on the back, as well as avoiding massages and facial treatments.

How many treatments are necessary?

Thanks to the cones, threads can be anchored in the tissue so that no sewing or further fixation is necessary. After pulling on the thread at the exit point, cones fix themselves with their open hollow part in the tissue, which results in a tightening and an immediately visible, gentle lift effect. Cones are absorbed within 8-12 months, the threads over the course of 18-24 months. The material stimulates the production of collagen around cone and thread, which becomes visible as a long-lasting regeneration effect.

How many treatments are necessary?

The threads can be used with their combination of toning and enhancement in different areas of the face. Ideally, it treats sagging areas in the middle of the face and jaw, loss of cheek volume or sagging skin in the neck area. In addition to the lifting in different areas of the face, the effect of botulinum may be used, for a natural eyebrow lifting. For a complex three-dimensional design of the face, threads can also be combined with fillers or botulinum. The treatment is repeated after 2 years.

What are Silhouette and Happy Lift threads?

Thread material made of poly-L lactic acid has been used in surgery for decades, also in aesthetic medicine. The new technique of thread lifting uses threads with small cones for volume enhancement, repositioning and skin tightening.

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PDO Threads 45
Stretch marks 400
Face 400
Neck 400
Chest 600
Silhouette Thread 350