Spider veins, laser, NdYag laser, painless vein treatment in Vienna

Spider veins, rosacea or couperose and vascular marks on the body are the smallest veins in the skin that have expanded and are visible as red vascular branches, dark blue veins or reddish spots. These lesions can be found all over the body, most often they occur on the legs or face. Thanks to the effective Ellipse laser, we can quickly remedy this.

How does it feel?

The light changes into warmth. You can feel a small hot sting on the spot, which is almost painless thanks to the modern laser and cooling system.

What can I expect from the treatment?

The first time you won’t see much, but after 2-3 treatment, spider veins heal completely and permanently. New spider veins may reform if somebody is prone to them. However, in the treated areas, spider veins are removed forever. No new spider veins form as a consequence of the treatment, as is sometimes erroneously suspected.

When do I see the results?

The treatment depends on the size and number of lesions, the average treatment time is 10-20 minutes. Immediately following the treatment, blood vessels are reddened and slightly swollen: this reaction is normal and goes away after 1-2 days.

How many treatments do I need?

In most cases, 2-3 treatments are necessary at a distance of 4-6 weeks to achieve a complete, lasting result.

What is the NdYag laser?

This laser is currently the best device in the market for spider veins and vein issues. Its light heats the red blood component and the vessel can slowly reconstitute itself from the injury without side effect on the leg.

How does the treatment work?

As a patient, it is important not to get tanned before the treatment and to avoid sunbathing after treatment for the following 30 days. The treatment takes about 30 minutes depending on the severity of the condition.

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Spider Veins 230
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