Quiet Lift: Face-Lifting without surgery for a taut face

A youthful and taut face - the desire for it grows with age. However, a surgical facelift with a laborious surgery is not the only way to achieve this. Dr. Charlotte Grillitsch has developed a gentle rejuvenation method for the skin on a natural basis, completely without using knives and almost painless.

"My patients usually only feel a small prick."

Meanwhile, there are a multitude of anti-wrinkle treatments in the medical field. However, CG Haut Venen Ästhetik has combined and further developed three proven methods through years of experience in order to generate a lasting fresh appearance for the patient and hardly without any downtime.

Brief description
A 3-step face-lift without surgery based on a combination of fillers, thread lifting and cream therapy

Required treatments
1 treatment

One day off after treatment, about 10 days until the last redness disappears

Gentle application, also suitable for pain-sensitive patients

Individual on request

This 3-step face-lift without surgery makes it possible

The minimally invasive lifting technique called Quiet Lift is a combination of specifically applied fillers, the very successful thread lifting and a treatment with special skin creams on the skin appearance. This results in a three-stage model for the Quiet Lift:

  1. Volume through filler
  2. Tightening with PDO threads
  3. Flawless skin appearance through creams

The treatment with fillers serves to tauten wrinkles and increase volume. Dr. Grillitsch injects the filler material with very thin needles in order to beautify and rejuvenate the entire skin appearance. A natural tightening of the skin, however, can be achieved by the thread lift. The wrinkles in the corner of the mouth, chin wrinkles, sunken cheeks, lowering of the forehead - everything is reversible.

The threads, which stimulate the face collagen lastingly, are inserted through the skin into the tissue by the team of CG Haut Venen Ästhetik. Immediately after the treatment you will feel an increased skin tension. After two to three weeks, the result improves significantly but in a gentle way.

It is particularly important to Dr. Grillitsch that the skin is also treated in order to battle irregularities and pigment spots. This works best with creams that Dr. Grillitsch adjusts individually for each patient. Other anti-wrinkle treatments often neglect this form of care, which keeps veins and pigment spots in place. The Quiet Lift, on the other hand, with its three-stage program achieves a holistically younger skin appearance, which remains long-lasting.

Another advantage of the Quiet Lift is that the facial areas are specifically emphasized. The injection material of the fillers is not only injected, but also massaged into the skin, so that the face can be virtually remodelled. The restoration of the contours and the lifting effects achieved by the threads not only rejuvenate the face, but also result in a lasting freshness. This result would not be achievable with just one method alone. The novel combination of three established methods gently leads to a natural skin rejuvenation.

Can pain be expected with the Quiet Lift - The new face-lift?

Thanks to its gentle application, the Quiet Lift is an optimal facelift method for rejuvenating the skin, even for people who are sensitive to pain.

Is an anaesthetic necessary for the Quiet Lift?

In contrast to a surgical facelift, a Quiet Lift does not require anaesthesia. On the contrary: the treatment is extremely gentle and carried out without the use of any knives. Patients usually feel only a small prick.

Which filler material is used by CG Haut Venen Ästhetik?

Depending on the skin type and the wrinkle intensity, the injection material is individually adjusted. As a rule, hyaluronic acid, radiesse and body fat have proven to be ideal as filler material.

Which threads are used with the Quiet Lift?

Dr. Grillitsch uses PDO threads which, like all lifting threads, are made of biodegradable materials. If desired, Silhouette Soft or Rainbow threads are also available, which are longer and thicker. Depending on the patient, Dr. Grillitsch selects the best method.

Do the threads remain under the skin after the treatment?

In fact, the stitches remain under the skin and are not removed. But only because they are biodegradable. Although they dissolve under the skin, the lifting effect remains.

Are creams still necessary after a lift?

Absolutely! The desired result can only be achieved with optimal skin care. By combining the three methods, the Quiet Lift not only tightens the skin, but also removes pigment spots, vein and skin irregularities.

How much does the Quiet Lift cost?

The prices for the Quiet Lift vary greatly depending on the application. It would be untrustworthy to name a flat-rate price here. However, Dr. Grillitsch will be happy to discuss the costs with you personally. It would be best to book an appointment right here!

How long do I have to stay at home after the Quiet Lift?

The customers of the Quiet Lift have chosen the treatment, because they want to keep mum about it and want to return quickly to their usual everyday routines. This is actually possible. Spare yourself one day after the treatment and after 10 days at the latest, even small redness will have completely disappeared. We recommend using Dr. Grillitsch's aftercare products in order to achieve the best possible result.

When do you see the result?

The first results are visible immediately after the treatment, but the final result can only be seen after about two to three weeks. The aim of the Quiet Lift is a gentle rejuvenation process.

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