Specially developed creams with a higher dosage of active ingredients than normal cosmetics. The active ingredients come in higher doses and thus are more effective. We will advise you in detail before use.

1 Vitamin A acid cream

This cream accelerates cell division. Right before our fruit acid and laser treatments this will be prescribed for preparation. In general, it is one of the most powerful creams against acne and successful anti-aging. Your skin will feel much more delicate and fine-pored after a few applications. Avoid the area around your eyes: the cream is not tolerated because the skin is too thin. If you get redness and scaling, do not apply the cream for a while.

2 Vitamin A acid cream light

This cream is suitable for particularly oily skin. Otherwise, it features the same properties as cream Number 1.

3 Whitening cream

This cream contains a bleaching substance, which leads to the whitening of pigmentation and pigmentation activity is adjusted down. Before our Fraxel laser treatments, this cream is given together with cream number 1 for preparation.

4 Veins cream

The active ingredient reduces bruises and promotes healing after spider vein and vein treatments. You should use the cream 2 x day. Use until healed.

5 Beauty cream.

A secret recipe from an old Viennese pharmacy. This cream contains among other things wheat germ oil. It’s very rich and it’s ideally suited as a night cream for mature or dry skin. Once you’ve used it, you’ll love it.

6 Fruit acid cream

Fruit acid has an anti-inflammatory effect and, due to its light peeling properties, leads to a fine-pored skin. Ideally suited for acne and for skin that is too fine for vitamin A acid.

Wrinkle reduction, pigmentation whitening, acne etc.

Cost: from 50,- EUR

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