Private Medical Practitioner at 1170 Vienna – Skin, Veins, Beauty treatments

What is a Private Medical Practitioner?

A private medical practitioner is a resident doctor who has not concluded any contract with health insurances and deals directly with the patient. The patient thus has the status of a private patient.

What are my advantages?

Free choice of the Doctor

Timely appointment

Short waiting times

More time for the patient

In Vienna there are many more private practitioners rather than practitioners working with the health insurance system, therefore most patients are cared for by private practitioners.

Our price list is drawn up according to the recommendations of the Medical Association for Vienna.

You can submit the paid fee note to your health insurance institution and apply for the reimbursement of costs. For more information, see "How does the reimbursement work?".

Some of the costs are usually refunded by your own health insurance. You will receive from us an invoice which needs to be sent to your health insurance company. In case of payment by bank transfer, a proof of payment must be enclosed. After a few weeks, part of the cost will be transferred from your health insurance to your account. Information on this, as well as on the required forms to be filled in, are available from us or can be found on the home page of your health insurance. However, if during the same quarterly period you visit different dermatologists, you may not be reimbursed for any of the costs.

Refunds depend on numerous factors and can therefore only be calculated roughly. For general appointments, approximately the following amount will be refunded: BVA €14, KFG/KFL/LKUF €23, WGKK €15, SGKK €21, Svb €7, SVG €17, VAEB €14. For an annual skin cancer preventive check, approximately the following amount will be refunded: BVA €26, KFG/KFL/LKUF €40, WGKK €12, SGKK €21, Svb €13, SVG €30, VAEB €26. A refund is also granted for other services (allergy test, findings report, blood collection, light therapy, surgery...). For reassessments in the same month, refund may be lower. Some services are not refundable: beauty treatments and cosmetics, laser therapy, peel, sclerotherapy of spider veins.

The referral from another doctor is not a requirement to arrange an appointment with us! It simply simplifies the reimbursement of costs from your health insurance. Health insurance doctors are primarily obligated to refer patients to other health insurance doctors and institutions. Only if these are not available, or require considerable waiting time for an appointment, or if the patients explicitly wish to be referred to a private practitioner, patients may be referred to them. Conversely, private practitioners are entitled to refer to practitioners working with health insurances. We will provide you with a private form with all necessary information. For eligibility with a health insurance doctor, you must present your e-card, if available.

In the event of inability to work, a private practitioner may provide the patient with a notification of disability (sick note). The patient must notify this to their health insurance on the same day. Only after the examination of the chief doctor the incapacity for work is considered approved. Likewise, there is an obligation for the patient to prove their inability to work to their employer. No diagnosis appears on the form for the service provider. If the reason for the incapacity to work ceases to exist, a health report must be sent to the health insurance. Such report may be drafted by the patient himself or by their doctor.

Private practitioners are of course entitled to prescribe medicines, remedies and aids to their patients. The prescription is generally issued through a private form. Every prescription from a private practitioner has equal status for the health insurance. The patient is responsible for the implementation of the equality status of private prescriptions and for the collection of the chief doctor’s authorisation. In practice, however, many public pharmacies carry out these tasks for the patients.