Microneedling at 1170 Vienna: Microneedling reduces scars, wrinkles, large-pored skin, pigmentation.

How does it feel?

Die Microneedling feels like a lot of small pinpricks. After the treatment, the affected area is slightly flushed, but already after a few hours the irritation fades.

What can I expect from the treatments?

Improvement of the whole skin appearance, skin rejuvenation, offset or filling of scars and lifting of sagging skin tissue.

When do I see the results?

After the first treatment, the skin tightens and strengthens. The end result depends on the initial situation. Usually 4 – 6 treatments are needed.

How many treatments do I need?

You need 4 -6 treatments.

What is microneedling?

With the Dermaroller, extremely minor lesions are made on the skin using tiny needles. These tiny holes immediately activate the wound healing of the skin. The regeneration beautifies and improves the complexion, the skin renews itself and problem areas are alleviated.

How does the treatment work?

Initially a numbing cream is applied to the face, ideally one hour before the beginning of the treatment. After the reaction time, the face is cleaned and disinfected, and treatment is started. On each area, a highly effective concentrate is applied, tailored to the specific skin needs. A special mask is then applied, and a final care follows.


1 treatment microneedling 159,- EUR

Treatment package:
the 6th treatment is free.
Once a week for 6 weeks Microneedling

Microneedling 795,- EUR

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