4 medical tips to get rid of the holiday pounds

We all love the holidays around Christmas and New Year - the time with the family, the cosy get-together and of course the good food. Thanks to Christmas goose and Christmas cookies a few kilos can be added quickly.

Around the turn of the year I am often confronted with the topic of losing weight. My patients ask me: "Which diet really helps?

"None at all," is my answer. Because unfortunately there are many fairy tales and myths about weight reduction. As a doctor, I have four medical tips for losing weight for you, which have actually been scientifically proven.

1. No Strict Rules

Unfortunately, many diets tend to impose strict food bans on people. From a medical point of view, it is totally counterproductive to scourge one's own needs. Those who are hungry should eat. Everything else can lead to the fact that lost pounds are back soon - because the Yo-yo effect is real. Instead, a balanced diet is important. Vegetables and protein satisfy hunger better than foods with lots of carbohydrates. Chocolate or other sweets can be indulged, but always in moderation. Also very important: Don't gobble up meals, eat them slowly! This is the only way to feel the feeling of fullness as soon as it occurs.

2. Incorporate Movement into Everyday Life

Exercise almost always has a positive effect on health - but whether and how much you lose with it is different for each person. Here too, regularity is important. People who don't like sports can do their bodies good by doing more exercise in everyday life - for example, climbing stairs, going to work or shopping.

3. Medical Help

With some fat pads, neither the best diet nor the hardest training will help. Fat-melting injections are exactly suitable for such problem areas. It not only dissolves stubborn fat deposits, but also provides a natural tightening of the skin. The fat released is simply excreted via the metabolism. Especially problem areas such as double chins, bags under the eyes, riding breeches or small pads under the armpits can be treated wonderfully with fat melting injections. With more stubborn fat pads also the possibility of a liposuction exists.

4. Drink a lot of Water

Our body consists of approx. 70 percent water. Nevertheless, the importance of water for our health is often underestimated. It is recommended to drink about 0.03 litres of liquid per day per body weight in kilograms - i.e. about 2 litres per day. Liquid fills the stomach and reduces the feeling of hunger. In addition, enough water in the body also strengthens our connective tissue, thus making our skin firmer.

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