Healthy body through relaxation, relief & regeneration

The massage center with Dr. med. Charlotte Grillitsch and experienced therapist Alexandra Kuhn offer treatments that are tailored to your individual needs in terms of beauty, health and well-being. Spoil yourself in our luxurious Health Clinic with harmonizing therapies for body, mind and soul and release the tensions of the day.

Classic Massage - The classic massage is used for relaxation, relaxation and stretching of our muscle tissue and helps you to reduce stress and to find your mobility again.

Costs: 30 min 49, - Eur / 60 min 79, - Eur / 90 min 99, - Eur

Craniosacral Therapy - This technique works with the craniosacral system, which starts from the head and passes through the whole body. It supports the free-flowing rhythm of body tissue, helping with depression, burnout or falls.

Cost: 60 min 79, - Eur

Lymphatic drainage - Gentle, extensive strokes allow the lymphatic vessels to open, transporting away toxins and toxins. Recommended as postoperative therapy, after liposuction and sports injuries.

Cost: 45 minutes 69, - Eur / 60 min 89, - Eur

Foot Reflexology Massage - Through targeted pressure on the reflex points, this massage gives you the opportunity to harmonize tension. Helps with migraine, gastrointestinal problems and stress reduction.

Costs: 30 min 49, - Eur / 60 min 79, - Eur

Lomi Lomi Massage - For Women Only

A Lomi massage is not only for relaxation, but also for physical, mental and spiritual cleansing. The Huna view of health and disease is similar to that in Traditional Chinese Medicine - energy flows in a healthy body (mana). Blockages cause illness or can manifest as physical tension. The massage is intended to release these blockages on a physical and emotional level and restore the harmony of body, mind and soul.

Cost: 90 min 119, - Eur

30min 49 EUR
60min 79 EUR
90min 99 EUR

30min 49 EUR
60min 79 EUR

30 min 45 EUR
60 min 75 EUR
90 min 95 EUR

Long, flowing movements with warm oil will let your body delve into deep relaxation. Recommended, among other things, in case of burn out, mood swings and menopause.
90 min 119 EUR

45 min 68,00 EUR
60 min 89,00 EUR

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