Liposuction Vienna. This treatment allows for the correction of local fat distribution disorders such as lipoedema, flabby upper arms, belly apron, male breasts, double chin, thigh, knee and lower leg and buttock reductions.

How does it feel?

With tumescent lidocaine anaesthesia (TLA), several litres of numbing fluid are injected into the patient’s previously marked areas of concern. After a reaction time in which the tumescent solution is released into the fat cells from the connective tissue, the doctor sucks the fat through thin cannulas. The introduction of the solution is, since the first puncture, comfortable and painless. You can feel the tissue filling with the fluid. The subsequent suction feels like a deep massage.

What can I expect from the treatment?

The effect is permanent.

When do I see the results?

You should schedule a check during the first three days after the procedure. After about 4 weeks there is a melting phase. When this is over, the result can already be seen. However, the final result is expected to be visible after 3-6 months.

How many treatments do I need?

One treatment is sufficient.

What is liposuction?

It’s the correction of local fat distribution disorders.

How does the treatment work?

Blood tests are carried out before the procedure. One day before the intervention you start taking antibiotics, which you have to continue taking for 10 days in total. You should come to the surgery wearing comfortable clothes and the previously provided compression bodice (double chin: chin sling). The procedure is not carried out in anaesthesia, but it is advisable to use some kind of sedative. After the photographic documentation, one is led into the surgery room and to receive a sedative tablet. Afterwards, the areas concerned are marked and the painless infiltration of the solution begins. After a reaction time of about 60 minutes, the suction begins. Through small incisions in the skin, cannulas are inserted, and liquid and fat cells sucked out. Then the needle marks are bond together and the area affected by the suction is bound with bodice and fabric.

What are the complications I need to know about?

For several weeks after the treatment mild bruising pain may occur, which requires light pain medication. Irregularities may occur, but after the treatment they are filled directly with autologous fat. Small pigmented scars very occasionally occur in correspondence of the puncture points, which can also be treated. To prevent sagging of the skin, various lifting methods are recommended after treatment. For 4 weeks, lymph drainage should be performed by us to soften the swelling.

What do I have to consider after the procedure?

The absorbent bandage material must be changed in the evening and the following day. Plasters are left for about a week. The bodice must be worn, depending on the area, for approx. 2 weeks. For about a week, special care is recommended. You should not have a bath in the first week. You should also avoid the solarium for a week. Slight bruising can persist for about 10 days.

Effect: after 14 days
Downtime: approx. 14 days
Repetition: never
Cost: from 900 EUR

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