In laser hair removal, only hair follicles that are in the growth phase can be treated. At a given time, this applies only to a minority of hair. On the other hand, approximately 60 to 70 percent of our hair is in hibernation. It is therefore necessary to undergo several sessions spaced apart of between 6 and 8 weeks in order to achieve a complete and lasting hair removal result. Short, safe exposures of intense pulsed light are used to remove unwanted hair from the body area.

How does it feel?

The laser pulses that hit the skin are usually perceived as a slight tingling or sting.

What can I expect from the treatment?

The laser pulses that hit the skin are usually perceived as a slight tingling or poke.

When do I see the results?

After 2-3 days, the first hairs will fall off with the first shave.

How many treatments do I need?

A refresher usually takes place after 6-8 weeks. Depending on the region, this strong light requires between 3-8 treatments.

What is laser and flash light?

High-energy light is directed to the skin during treatment. Light energy is converted into heat and passed on to the hair root. The heat effect destroys the root of the hair.

How does the treatment work?

First, a cooling gel is applied to the skin. The treatment is then carried out. After that, icepacks are placed on request. Immediately afterwards, slight redness and hair root irritation may occur. These can be treated with a soothing cream. Sun exposure as well as epilation or plucking should be discontinued 4 weeks before treatment.

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Face 120
Arms 240
Upper Lip 60
Chin 110
Neck 120
Armpit 110
Forearms 180
Back 250
Thigh 270
Breast 110
Belly 150
Buttocks 180
Bikini full 170
Bikini part 110
Legs full 350
Lower Leg 210