Fraxis Laser zur Fraxis Laser for skin renewal at 1170 Vienna. Fraxis laser represents a revolutionary development in aesthetics. In the past, skin-appearance improvement could only be achieved through deep scrubs with long downtime and side effects. This revolutionary method shoots hundreds of small holes under the skin. Afterwards these become slightly reddened and in the next days a delicate whitish scaling sets in.

The top layer of skin renews itself through the scaling within a few days. The result is immediately visible. Wrinkles, scars and stretch marks regenerate after 3-6 months.

The healing of wounds, through natural collagen synthesis, makes wrinkles, scars, pores, stretch and pigmentation marks disappear. The treatment of the upper lip and forehead wrinkles is particularly popular for a perfect aesthetic result, as unnatural results are avoided, and the wrinkle reduction is permanent. The penetration depth is crucial. The epidermis is spared, and the side effects are minimal. The treatment itself lasts about 15-30 minutes (in addition to previous 20 minutes during which a numbing cream takes effect). After treatment, you should avoid long or intense sun exposure for 2 weeks and use a light protection factor of 50.

For a good result, about 1-3 treatments are necessary.

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Face 440
Upper Lip wrinkles 220
Eyes 220
Neck 440
Decollete 440
In combination with IPL 540
Face, Neck, Decollete 880
Strech marks 550
Scars 220