Eyelash extension at 1170 Vienna


After a personal interview, you can choose your own look.
Eyelash extension treatments last 1-2 hours depending on the treatment, while lying comfortably, relaxed and with your eyes closed on a cosmetic recliner. The treatment is absolutely painless.

Post treatment

Eyelashes have a natural growth cycle that can vary greatly. A human eyelash has a life expectancy of 30 – 90 days until it falls off by itself. To achieve a permanently beautiful result on your eyelashes, regular replenishment appointments are necessary. Depending on the natural growth cycle, a replenishment is required every 2-4 weeks.

Before treatment

Please come with no make-up on, do not use eyelash perm or eyelash pliers. When doing eyelash extension, we make sure that the result meets your wishes and that the result is natural.

Eyelash Extension Natural

This form of eyelash extension is used to insert about 80 silk eyelashes on your natural eyelashes.

Costs: 75,- EUR

Eyelashes extension Extreme

This eyelash extension uses approx. 120 silk eyelashes and gives you an exceptional look.

Costs: 134,- EUR

Eyelash extension Dramatic

The insertion of about 150 silk eyelashes gives you an expressive and glamorous look.

Costs: 174,- EUR


To maintain the results of the treatment, a fresh-up should be carried out after about 3 weeks, in which approximately 30 silk eyelashes are used again.

Costs: 49,- EUR

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Natural 75
Extreme 134
Dramatic 174
Fresh-Up 49