Your Specialist Dr. Charlotte Grillitsch

Dr. Charlotte Grillitsch

Areas of expertise:  
skin and venereal diseases, allergology
Specialised in
beauty and vein treatments, ÖÄK Diploma (Austrian Medical Association): Angiology

Originally from Carinthia, she studied at Paracelsus Medical University/Emory University Atlanta. 2003-2008 Consultant in skin and venereal diseases, in Germany (Bremen, BW) 2008-2013 Consultant in the private clinic KIPROV in Vienna. Specialisation in aesthetic medicine. 2013-2015 Opening of her own practice in Neuwaldegg. 11/2016 Member of the Austrian Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine. Further training in the field of aesthetic medicine and dermatology

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The Team

Dr. Michael Mellek
Medical consultant for Surgery, Vascular Surgery, Vein Specialist

Dr. Armaghan F. Gomari-Grisar
Medical consultant for Inter. Medicine, Angiology, Vein Specialist


Silke Heinrich
Graduate Nurse
Office Management

Lucia Hoferekova

Maria Bucina

Nathalie Remic
Beautician Masseuse