Your Specialist Dr. Charlotte Grillitsch

Dr. Charlotte Grillitsch

Areas of expertise:  
skin and venereal diseases, allergology
Specialised in
beauty and vein treatments, ÖÄK Diploma (Austrian Medical Association): Angiology

Originally from Carinthia, she studied at Paracelsus Medical University/Emory University Atlanta. 2003-2008 Consultant in skin and venereal diseases, in Germany (Bremen, BW) 2008-2013 Consultant in the private clinic KIPROV in Vienna. Specialisation in aesthetic medicine. 2013-2015 Opening of her own practice in Neuwaldegg. 11/2016 Member of the Austrian Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine. Further training in the field of aesthetic medicine and dermatology

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The Team

Dr. Michael Mellek
Medical consultant for Surgery, Vascular Surgery, Vein Specialist

Silke Heinrich
Graduate Nurse
Office Management

Lucia Hoferekova

Maria Bucina

Julia Kremser
Assistant, Office Management

Nathalie Remic
Beautician, Masseuse

Antonia Schimpl
Beautician, Facial beauty specialist