Dermatology – skin, veins and allergies at 1170 Vienna: we treat any skin disease. Acne, rosacea, psoriasis, neurodermatitis, inflammatory and allergic skin diseases. The most modern computer-controlled skin cancer technology for an annual check is included with every order.

UV irradiation room

It is particularly suitable for chronic skin diseases. Regular irradiation improves inflammation in eczema, psoriasis and neurodermatitis. Chronic itching, as well as sun allergies, are also treated. Treatment plan: depending on the specific condition, 1-3 irradiations per week, for about 6 weeks. Irradiations are carried out under the supervision of the Doctor by the assistants, therefore you can come to your treatment at any time during office hours.


Most allergies are quite harmless at the beginning, such as hay fever, for example. However, it is advisable to examine and consult the allergist at the initial stage of an allergy. After all, if one knows "one’s own allergens", one can also be mindful of avoiding them, if necessary. Prick test: for type L allergies, such as house dust or birch pollen allergies. Patch testing: for contact allergies, such as nickel or fragrance allergies.

Fungal diagnostics

These are applied directly at the practice in order to identify and treat selectively the correct skin and nail pathogen.

Vein analysis

Any vein or spider veins treatment requires a previous ultrasound examination. After this, the type of treatment to be performed is decided. Regular screenings, especially in case of previous family history, are recommended every 3 years. In principle, the earlier the treatment is started, the better it is for your veins: you may even avoid having to undergo a later, more elaborate surgery.


Dr. Charlotte Grillitsch specializes in particularly fine surgery and dermatology. Special seam techniques and scar lasers guarantee optimal results. We take all the necessary time for your surgery. Large interventions are also carried out in the outpatient area in tumescence local anaesthesia.

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Order 150
Digital skin cancer check 150
Vein analysis, Duplex sonography 150
Allergy Diagnostics, Prick test 120
Patch test 220
Electrical removal caustics 140
UV irradiation 22