Liposuction, radio frequency, ultrasound, massages, lipodissolve injections, enzymes, many methods promise a taut skin. But many of these only bring results in the short term or are not applied in the right way.

The combination of different methods, which are individually matched to the severity of the cellulite, contribute to a lasting firm tissue. We have summarised for you all the treatments, and we will be happy to advise you on your individual therapy.


Effects are unclear. If creams help, it is through massage, as this stimulates the blood and lymphatic circulation.

Dietary supplements

According to studies, there are no effective remedies that really strengthen connective tissue.


Special needles remove unwanted fatty tissue and the connective tissue strands causing unpleasant dimples. The suction is carried out very evenly in a specific area.


Cold treatment (Cryolipolysis), low power treatment (Cellulipolysis), lipodissolve injections are applied to selectively dissolve fat. Lipodissolve injections are the best suited of all these procedures because it also helps tissue tightening through the post-injection inflammation. About 2-3 treatments are necessary, in order to achieve lasting results.


Regular treatment improves lymphatic flow and reduces the swelling due to fluid accumulation. In combination with Body Wrapping, the results last for months. Ideal for the summer season.

Energy-based method

Methods like the energy-based method use heat to minimize fat tissue. The deeper skin layers are heated by the use of low power electricity, ultrasonic and shock waves. Hence, the skin tissue blood circulation is improved, tissue fluid is removed, the number of fat cells is reduced, and connective tissue strengthened.

In various studies, these treatments have been able to reduce cellulite. The effect lasts several months. Usually, the treatment is performed once a year.


Carbon dioxide is inserted into the skin through a needle. More extensive studies are needed to prove its effectiveness. Currently, this therapy is not used in our practice.


Using a cannula, which is inserted through the skin, the doctor carefully dissolves connective tissue strands. The appearance of the skin is smooth.

In case of cellulite with deep dimples in a little area, subcision further softens the appearance of the skin. This treatment is performed under local anaesthesia and is mostly applied in a session together with liposuction or lipodissolve injections.


This procedure is similar to subcision and can be used in wider areas. If this treatment is the best for you, we can recommend you a suitable doctor.


The connective tissue strands are not cut, but dissolved by enzymes injected under the skin. The connective tissue becomes more elastic, and the dimples in the skin are removed.

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Massage 69
Body wrap 75
Enzymes 140
Lipodissolve injections 140
Subcision 320
Liposuction 1500
Ultrasound, radiofrequency 120