Infusions strengthen the immune system and the collagen synthesis

The anti-aging infusion is perfect to give you a general boost and make you feel young and full of life. As well as for regeneration for everybody who wishes to have good skin and strong hair. The anti-aging infusion contributes towards a youthful and appearance and improves the complexion thanks to B vitamins, highly concentrated vitamin C.
The anti-aging infusion is also particularly suitable as a supplement to a medical skin treatment such as Microdermabrasion, Needling, Ultherapy, Fraxis Laser and Vampire lifting or a wrinkle treatment.

10 infusions of 30 min. For best results 2 infusions per week are recommended.

If you feel drained and exhausted, this infusion is the right choice for you. Already after the first application you feel stronger, more energetic, less tired. The immune system and vulnerability to infections are improved. Ideal also for allergies and asthma. The basis of this nutrient cocktail is Myer’s Cocktail, well trusted since the 50ies and made of a holistic vitamin B complex, vitamin C and calcium. During hay fever season, this cure can help once a week or less, to immediately relieve symptoms such as stuffy nose, itchy eyes, and weakness.

The package includes 10 infusions of 45 min. Each week you should receive approx. 2 infusions.

This infusion is aimed at the needs of the skin, suffering from bacterial or viral skin lesions, or at chronic skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis. The skin regenerates faster and recovers from its infection. Ideal also for neurodermatitis during a radiation therapy, in order to support the body's defences.
The Radiant Skin Infusion is a powerful cocktail for skin renewal made of vitamin C and zinc.

10 infusions of 30 min. 2 infusions per weeks are ideal.

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Behandlung AB (in Euro)
Anti Aging Infusion 60
CG Signature Infusion 80
Radiant Skin Infusion 60